Menu for January 10, 2017

Wild Mushroom Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette Arugula tossed with an assortment of roasted wild mushrooms, pecans, goat cheese and a light bacon vinaigrette.  Great for a light dinner or lunch. Full order (serves 4-6) - $40.00 Half order (serves 2-3) - $20.00 Braised Chicken, Artichokes and Olives Browned chicken braised with artichokes and olives in … Continue reading Menu for January 10, 2017

Holiday Menu for December 6, 2016

Phyllis’s Brisket Back by demand, brisket braised in spices and beer until tender.   Perfect.  Consider ordering so that you can have it in the freezer  Layers of bread, cheese, eggs and cream baked until bubbly.  Perfect for brunch, lunch or even appetizers!  Consider buying one and putting half in the freezer if a full order … Continue reading Holiday Menu for December 6, 2016

Menu for August 16, 2016

Grilled Moroccan Meatballs with Tzatziki Beef meatballs spiced with cilantro, allspice and cumin.  Grilled and served with a side of tzatziki.  Delicious! Full order (18 meatballs) - $26.00 Half order (9 meatballs) - $13.00 Sriracha Chicken Salad Shredded chicken mixed with a sriracha honey mayo.  An Eat Your Heart Out favorite.  Terrific for lunch or … Continue reading Menu for August 16, 2016

Passover Menu for April 26, 2016

Scacchi (Passover Lasagna) Matzo layered with spinach, beef, mushrooms, cinnamon, nutmeg, pine nuts and other savory spices.  A Sephardic treat! Full order - $50.00 Half order - $25.00 Chicken with Dijon Cream Simple roast chicken with a delicious shallot and mustard cream sauce. Appropriate for Passover. Full order (4 thighs and 2 full breasts) - … Continue reading Passover Menu for April 26, 2016