Menu for January 10, 2017

Wild Mushroom Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette Arugula tossed with an assortment of roasted wild mushrooms, pecans, goat cheese and a light bacon vinaigrette.  Great for a light dinner or lunch. Full order (serves 4-6) - $40.00 Half order (serves 2-3) - $20.00 Braised Chicken, Artichokes and Olives Browned chicken braised with artichokes and olives in … Continue reading Menu for January 10, 2017

Rosh Hashanah Menu for October 2, 2016

Phyllis’s Brisket Best brisket ever say some of our customers!  Brisket braised in spices and sauce. Per pound of meat - $20.00 Noodle Kugel Sweet noodle kugel with just a hint of lemon.  Each noodle kugel serves 20-24 people. $45.00 Cele’s Chopped Liver Chicken livers, schmaltz, eggs and onions – just like my bubbe made! … Continue reading Rosh Hashanah Menu for October 2, 2016