Rosh Hashanah Menu for October 2, 2016

Phyllis’s Brisket
Best brisket ever say some of our customers!  Brisket braised in spices and sauce.
Per pound of meat – $20.00

Noodle Kugel
Sweet noodle kugel with just a hint of lemon.  Each noodle kugel serves 20-24 people.

Cele’s Chopped Liver
Chicken livers, schmaltz, eggs and onions – just like my bubbe made!
Per pound – $15.00

Spicy Honey Chicken
Chicken roasted in a honey mustard lemon marinade with a tad of red pepper.  The red pepper adds a bit of spice without too much heat.
Full order (2 full breasts and 4 thighs) – $41.00
Half order (1 full breast and 2 thighs) – $21.50

Roasted Carrots
Sliced carrots roasted until slightly charred.  A customer favorite and perfect with either Phyllis’ Brisket or the Spicy Honey Chicken.
Per pound – $5.00