Passover Menu for April 26, 2016

Scacchi (Passover Lasagna)
Matzo layered with spinach, beef, mushrooms, cinnamon, nutmeg, pine nuts and other savory spices.  A Sephardic treat!
Full order – $50.00
Half order – $25.00

Chicken with Dijon Cream
Simple roast chicken with a delicious shallot and mustard cream sauce.
Appropriate for Passover.
Full order (4 thighs and 2 full breasts) – $38.00
Half order (2 thighs and 1 full breast) – $19.00

Carrot Salad with Spices and Feta
Grated carrots mixed with olive oil, Mediterranean spices, feta and mint finished with a bit of harissa for a kick.  A delicious side dish for the Chicken with Dijon Cream or the Scacchi.
Appropriate for Passover
32 oz. – $36.00
16 oz. – $18.00

Zucchini Pie
Zucchini baked with cheeses and eggs – like a quiche without the crust.  Great for dinner or a light lunch.
Appropriate for Passover
Full order – $33.00
Half order – $16.50


Payment for all other orders is due upon delivery.
Eat Your Heart Out accepts cash, checks or payment through Venmo.
Orders less than $20.00 may be picked up by making arrangement with Andi.
Orders over $200.00 require a deposit of half the invoice amount upon ordering.
As always, please let us know if we can make something special for you.