Yom Kippur Menu for September 21, 2015

Phyllis’ Brisket
Best brisket ever! Brisket braised in spices and sauce.
Per pound – $19.00

Noodle Kugel
Sweet noodle kugel with a hint of lemon.
Each noodle kugel serves 20-24 people.

Cele’s Chopped Liver
Chicken livers, schmaltz, eggs and onions – just like my bubbe made!
Per pound – $15.00

Cheese Strata
Layered bread, cheese and eggs baked together until golden and delicious.
Perfect for Break the Fast.
Each strata serves 20-24 people.

Mushroom Onion and Spinach Strata
Sautéed mushroom, onions and spinach layered with bread, cheese and eggs – baked until golden.  Perfect for Break the Fast.
Each strata serves 20-24 people.

Georgia’s Salmon Salad
Poached salmon mixed with a hint of mayonnaise, mustard and a hint of honey.  Delicious on bagels for Break the Fast.
Per pound $22.00

Apple Nut Bundt Cake
Welcome the New Year with a delicious apple nut Bundt cake.
Each Bundt cake serves 16-20 people.


Payment for all other orders is due upon delivery.
Eat Your Heart Out accepts cash, checks or payment through Venmo.
Orders less than $20.00 may be picked up by making arrangement with Andi.
Orders over $200.00 require a deposit of half the invoice amount upon ordering.
As always, please let us know if we can make something special for you.